Multiplier event dissemination

Here you can find the PPT of the multiplier events, with the dissemination and evaluation of the events.

3th Transnational meeting 

May 15 and 16




Ending the project with the last transnational meeting in Uppsala.

5th Project Meeting

Meeting with MIR Akademien, ASEM, EWCT and FRESS to check the results of our 2 and 3 Focus Groups with experts. 

November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, our association that works directly with the ET4GBV project supports the campaign.

Video campaign:

2nd Transnational Meeting

2nd transnational meeting, on November 3 and 4, with MIR Akademien and ASEM, Asociación Empresa Mujer, at the facilities of the European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT) in Oslo of our erasmus project.

We have scheduled the rest of the activities to develop our curriculum for the #communication and social skills module for the return to work of women victims of #genderviolence.

Spanish first Focus Group

1st Focus Groups meetings are organizated in Spain in two online sessions.

One organizated by ASEM with 5 participants on 11ft July and other by Asociación FRESS with 4 participants on 15th.

All of participants have alredy done our Survey to concrete our set of competencies and all the contributions from these experts are very usefull for the analisys of our first project activitiy.

We expect the next two sessions in September 2022.

Presentation of the ET4GBV project

ASEM, Women's Business Association presents our ET4GBV project at the DevelopARTE 15x15 conference: streamlining synergies in Oviedo.

1st Transnational Meeting

5 & 6 of May, 2022

Our 1st transnational meeting of the #erasmus+ ET4GBV project at our headquarters in Barcelona, with our partners "ASEM", Asociación Empresa Mujer, European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT) and MIR Akademien.

1st Meeting 

10 of January, 2022

1st meeting of our #erasmus+ ET4GBV project, which aims to define for Europe the essential training for the Labor Challenge after Gender Violence, with our partners ASEM, Asociación Empresa Mujer de Oviedo, European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT) de Oslo and Mira AKADEMIEN in Uppsala.

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